Friday, July 3, 2009

So Long, Scuds

Can't really begrudge Rob Scuderi's signing of a huge free agent deal with the LA Kings...He's solid and dependable, and though I'm not quite sure he's worth the 4 million-plus Los Angeles will be paying him, I am sure his stock will never be higher. I'm sorry to see him go, but I suppose you gotta cash in while you can.

One very real question...wouldn't you kinda figure the 2.5M the Penguins probably would've paid him would go about as far in Pittsburgh as 4M will in Los Angeles, if not farther?


Todd V said...

Agreed. That extra $1.4 million will probably just cover gas costs to get to/from the arena.
I can't quite figure how the hard nose mentality he's used to in the Burgh will fit in LA. I understand that he's gotta take the cash...hate to see him go. He saved the Flower a few times this year.

By the way....GREAT illustration! This would almost make me a Kings fan! :)

punch-drunk said...

This illustration is what made me a fan of yours!

I think it all depends on where he calls home during the off season, in regards to the extra cash.

But you also gotta add in the extra value of living in Southern California, as opposed to Pitt. No disrespect, but there is a reason why there are a shit-ton of Steelers and Pens fans already here.

Scuds will have a nice home here, glad to know Pens fans like him so much.