Friday, May 29, 2009

Stanley Cup and Cheesecake 2009 - Finals Edition

Here we are again. Penguins vs. Red Wings, round two. Boy, when I think back about how confident I was at the start of last year's finals, it's almost embarrassing. This year, I'm confident again, but in a much more measured, cautious and realistic way. Much as it goes with the teams involved themselves, you gotta learn to lose before you can learn to win. Suffice to say, this series will be analyzed and broken down by people much more qualified and knowledgeable than me, so I'll stick with what I do best: Gut reactions and homeresque logic. I think the Pens have learned all there is to know about losing, and that they're now poised to learn a thing or two about winning. Hell yes I believe.

Pittsburgh Penguins in six.

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