Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Notes on Game Three

Fuck the Detroit fans, bloggers, etc. and their ridiculous, whiny conspiracy theories. There is no plot in place by the NHL and Gary Bettman to keep you from winning. If you believe this in your heart, you're a joke. There's nothing worse on earth than a sore winner.

Fuck Mike Babcock, and his "Crosby's a dirty player, he's a head-hunter, wait, sorry, no he's not." routine.

Fuck know-nothing peddler of cry porn Mitch Albom, who just started watching hockey last week when the season finales of Desperate Housewives, Ugly Betty and Brothers and Sisters freed up a few of his nights. Fuck Morrie too.

But most of all, fuck me. Fuck me for almost giving up and losing the faith on Sunday night.

Make no mistake, if the Penguins don't win tonight and Thursday, it's over. I will be enraged on a level I seldom reach. I will wish horrible things on complete strangers, things that will fuck up my karma for years.

Tonight is the last shot at redemption, and let's face it, the odds aren't great. But I've believed all season, and I see no reason to stop now.

Go Pens.


chibi said...

i'm excited for the new blog. the opening line i read "Fuck the Detroit fans, bloggers, etc...." made me laugh for a good five minutes. i would be incredibly surprised if the pens didn't win tonight. frankly, i'll be disappointed if they don't win tonight. and i'm counting on fleury coming up big and stopping 40+ shots. i still want this to play out to seven games. i still think the wings will win but i want my money's worth...

Brad said...

As a Blackhawks fan who lives in Chicago, welcome to my world! As if Red Wing fans weren't bad enough, it seems most of them don't even have the guts to live in their own cesspool of a city and end up moving to Chicago as soon as they graduate from Michigan/Michigan State/ EasternNorthernWestern Michigan, so I have to deal with their insufferable antics constantly.

Don't even get me started on the dude who sat in front of me at a Blackhawks/Calgary game wearing a Red Wings jersey with his own damn name on back....and of course he decided to get up WHILE the puck was in play. I wonder if he made it out of the UC alive....

Come on Pens! Pull this out! Chicago is rootin' for you!


adampsyche said...

"Hey, we got away with it for how long? Twenty-one seconds? Good for us." -- Matt Cooke

Stay classy :(

Lemmy Caution said...

Pens looked kinda weak last night....but did what they HAD to do. Tomorrow night's game in the Burgh is going to be HUGE!

Oh yes....and Worst. Officiating. Ever.

Robert Ullman said...

Hey, we shoulda had a penalty shot in game one, and probably in game two as well...don't see me crying about it.

Matt Cooke is a fucker. I'd hate his guts on any other team.