Tuesday, June 9, 2009


The Stanley Cup Playoffs are a exhilarating, merciless, relentless bitch. There is nothing in sports more emotionally draining. An important game almost every other day for almost two months. One day, you're on top of the world; the next, the depths of despair. And the longer it goes, the more intense it gets. Don't get me wrong...it's light-years better than the alternative. But it will take it outta ya.

The last 72 hours have been a rollercoaster. I've hit that bottom, and managed to climb out. Seriously, Saturday night might as well have been last season, it feels like it happened so long ago. That's why my spirits are up and my sense is that we're headed for a Game Seven.

The unthinkable is close...too close for comfort, really. You have to know it's a possibility. It's a vomit-inducing, nightmare scenario...I honestly can't imagine anything worse. And it's staring all of us right in the face.

But, what the fuck...I've come this far, and I've believed all season...there's no reason to pack it in now. That the Pens are even in this situation is so unlikely, so infeasible, lends power to that belief. If you could have faith in this team back in February when the dirt was raining down, you can have faith now.

Go Pens.


Todd V said...

Believe in good things...Good things will happen. There were two possible wins tonight and the Pens got the first one forcing game 7. Win #2 required Friday. I believe.

And did anyone catch Mike Milbury BURY Hossa's lame ass in the 2nd intermission? He called that motherfucker out like the total bitch he is. Loved it. I've never heard a commentator call out a player like that. Fucking Awesome!!


Todd V said...

OH...and by the way...fuck off Melrose and Barnaby. I like both of you bitches but you both called the Pens dead tonight!!

Zadillo said...

I believe in the Pens.

Shannon Smith said...

I believe man. Can't put my finger on any one reason why. I just do. Just like I knew the Steelers would pull it out. Gotta believe.

Ben D said...

I have only been a hockey fan for the 5 or six years (roughly the time the Hurricanes arrived in my neck of the woods), but I know that there is nothing more exciting and nerve racking in sports than a game 7 sudden death overtime. The excitement of playoff hockey is what every sport should aspire to.

Todd V said...

All...please excuse my language in my previous posts. I will admit to being a novice to the blogging scene. My excitement last night overwhelmed me and my language gets the best of me (well...I cuss like a sailor all the time but at least I can try to act embarrassed!!).

Anyway, after about 24 hrs to reflect...I have calmed (slightly) and am feeling great about game 7. Our Pens have HEART, just like our Stillers did!

I cannot believe we are so close (60 minutes....that's all) from possibly bringing the Cup back to Pittsburgh. Keep Believing....Pens will prevail with Positive Karma directed their way from all locations.

60 more minutes Flower....60 more Sid....60 more Tanger, Scuds, Geno, Gonch, ahhh...you know what I mean.