Friday, June 12, 2009

Best of One

Several times, over the last two weeks, visions of what might happen occasionally pop into my head. There was a scene of Marian Hossa skating around the Mellon Arena ice with the Stanley Cup held high that I couldn't shake, nightmarish as it was. It was the worst thing I could think of, and at times seemed not only possible but likely.

Thankfully, I don't have to worry about that anymore.

There's another scene I occasionally catch a glimpse of, but it's seldom more than that. It's of Sidney Crosby, smiling like a madman and screaming, skating toward his teammates and holding the cup over his head.

Tonight's the night it could happen.

Anyone you talk to will give you any number of statistical and historical reasons why the Penguins will lose this game. The next guy will throw out a half-dozen stats that say it's destiny that they win.

An entire season comes down to one single game. How insane is that?

What an opportunity. What a time to be a Pittsburgh Penguins fan.



David Hagen said...
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David Hagen said...

Anything can happen in a single game. The Pens have experience this season with an "away" game 7 and that was a blowout. Keeping my fingers crossed, but if it doesn't happen again this year, they're so young (is Crosby 21 yet?) they'll be around for a lot of years. A great night for hockey!
Hang in there, Rob!

Todd V said...

Agreed. The Caps series was a scary one....I thought we were dead after two...thought we had a lock after 5....then game 7 away...whew!! Kickin'!!

Anything CAN happen....Did anyone really think Big Ben would win his first 15 starts?? Did anyone really think Tomlin would get a Superbowl ring his 2nd year? ? Did anyone think the Pens would be here after being 11 place in the conference in Jan/Feb??

Believe in the Pens and they shall March!!! This is the game to let er' rip!

Go Pens!!!

Jay Geldhof said...

I may EVEN try to watch, I was good luck on the last game...

Brad said...



Chicago is rootin' ya' on.

Todd V said...

IT IS DONE!!!!!!!!




Zadillo said...

Congrats to the Pens!

I can't say I'm specifically a Pens fan myself, but I was mainly pulling for them because I know you're a fan.

Todd V said...

Did anyone catch that statistic...Last major league sports team to win a game seven on the road....
1979 Pittsburgh Pirates beat Baltimore.....

Steelers = Superbowl
Pens = Stanley Cup
Bucs = Over .500 season??

James Anderson said...

Wow. What can I say? I gotta hand it to Pittsburgh. They played a great series. Other than game 5 I thought it could have gone either way. But tonight they just outplayed our Wings, except for the second half of the third. If we'd have played like that from the beginning we might have had a chance, but I think the Pens just wanted it more.

As for the fans here in Detroit ... yeah, I've come across a few that think the fix was in, but they really were far and few between from what I could tell. For every douchebag who called into the local sports radio complaining that the refs were ruining the Wings' chances, there were a dozen telling him what an asshole he was.

So Congrats! Enjoy it. Those old fucks on the Wings will be gunning for you next year.

Robert Ullman said...

Jimmy, you're as classy as they come. Losing at this point in the season is so damn's difficult not to choke on sour grapes (as I've evidenced in the past). Although I still think anyone who's harping on the "conspiracy" is a absolute joke, I want to extend a hand to all the real hockey fans in the D and congratulate them on having one of the best and scariest teams around. Believe me, it makes it all the sweeter to me knowing that we managed to beat a team that frankly seemed unbeatable!