Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Kiss of Death

Hopefully, things work out for the Red Wangs as well as they did for the Cavs.


James Anderson said...

The way both teams played tonight it just might go that way. The Pens played an inspired game and the Wings just sucked it. We coughed up the puck and made bad passes all night. And that short handed goal? Sheesh. I'm not ready to write the Wings off yet, but they better start playing better if they want to stay in this race.

Nice blog, by the way Rob. I'll be checking back!

Todd V said...

I shall say nothing of the Pens chances for fear of hockey gods retribution. I love these Pens. That is all I will say. A giant Pens logo tattoo on my forehead awaits if Lord Stanley's Cup ends up back at the Igloo.

Rob, I agree with the gentleman who posted previous to me....nice site. I'm pumped there is now somewhere I can scream all my sports BS and nobody really has to listen to me :)

Robert Ullman said...

Yeah, I figure most of my comics-readin' pals get tired of all the sports-talk, so I'll banish it over here for us to stew over. I wolcome your input too, Todd...hell, I should probably give you posting privileges! Let's talk about it in Charlotte!