Friday, June 12, 2009

Eff Detroit

I was gonna try not to post anything negative about the opponent today, but then this came to my attention.

Nothing like preemptive whining. I'd expect this from somebody like Dan Steinberg, but for a guy who lives in a city where the home team has won 4 of the last twelve championships? Of course, if the mighty Red Wing machine does happen to lose tonight, it won't be because the Penguins beat them, but because the fix is in and that's how the NHL wants it.

Mike Thompson is a joke.

If you were cynical, you could point to this kind of mentality as the reason why the city of Detroit is the crab louse on America's salty, sweaty crotch, Michigan. Decades of placing the blame on the city's sorry state elsewhere, rather than the industry's own refusal to innovate and see the writing on the wall. You could argue that it's a city of losers and no-account excuse-makers.

If you were cynical.


Todd V said...

7.5 hours away from dropping the puck. I feel great about our Pens. As stated, Detroit as a city of Industry has truly let us down...the LAST thing I wanted to do was bail any of these bastards out. Complete negligence aside...they build ugly fucking cars and trucks. Pittsburgh's Steel Industry left years ago yet the city has found a way to build anew through Medical, Banking, etc. Detroit, not so much. Anyway, I'll leave my political rants for the next (read: 2nd) blog I ever join....but for now...This is Hockey!! And the Pens are 1 single game away from Lord Stanley's Cup once again. Let's lift this thing on their ice like they did ours last year. Stillers had one game to win a championship. Pens have one game to win a championship. Let's Go Pens. I believe!!

Alonzo the Armless said...

No other city has racial tensions like Detroit does and that's what's keeping us from progress Well, that and a governor who loves to tax the heck out of citizens and businesses, driving them both out of the state. The issue of the Big 3 failing is a lot more complicated than auto companies not making the cars the government says they should. The blame should also be shared with the UAW, who drive up the costs of making an automobile.

As for Mike Thompson, I won't be the one to defend him much since his political views are 180 degrees from my conservative ones. If you find yourself holding liberal views, you'll also find yourself agreeing with Mike Thompson's editorial cartoons almost all of the time.

To get back to the Stanley Cup, though, I'll have to amend my earlier prediction of the Wings winning in 6 to the Wings winning in 7.


Brad said...

I hate the city. I hate the fanbase.

De-troit Sucks!

Let's go Pens!

Blackhawk Brad